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  • Hello everyone,,

    So I do not really know if it's all up to me, that I have a problem with the watch list, that when I go to a title, which is on page 5 for example, that I do not go back to page 5, but thrown back on page 1,

    Example: On page 5 of my watchlist is the title "Rocco - I'll kill you" ... let's say I click on the title to see something and want to get back to the page, I'll country instead Page 5 back to page 1

    This is not a problem with titles on page 1-3, but if you are on page 8 or 13, that can be pretty stupid.

    But I do not know if you have any problem!

    I use the Windows 10 Edge browser, which I actually like quite a bit, and although I now count NOX among my most visited pages along with my inbox and Bing search engine, I do not need to switch to another browser.

    If this is back to NOX itself or to the programming, it would be nice if you could try it on the title page the page number (the number of pages in the watchlist can click)

    If this is a lab-intensive process, then let it ... I do not want to say any unnecessary circumstances and above all, my contribution should not be misunderstood as a nagging.

    I find NOX super great, but this back with the page is a bit stupid, if it is up to you ^^

    I hope I express myself this time again....

  • It´s easy : Click on your title with the mouse-wheel !

    That opens your title in a new tab - I hope it also works in Edge browser. When you´re ready you close this tab by clicking the tab with the mouse wheel.